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A staple confectionery item in households across the globe and often an ideal accompaniment to a hot beverage of your choice, British biscuits have never been in more demand. From sweet treats, to breakfast biscuits and more, there is an abundance of popular biscuit items to choose from. Discover iconic British biscuit brands such as Fox’s, McVities and Burton’s Biscuits on the Smylies Shop today.

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Year on Year Market Growth


There has never been a better time to stock your shelves with UK biscuit brands, as the market grows at a rate of 1.3% annually.

Across all three biscuit subcategories (sweet biscuits, savoury biscuits and healthier biscuits) there is significant on-going growth. Leader of the biscuit sub-categories is sweet biscuits, with a reported value of £1,358,512,029 in 2020.

Nevertheless, healthier biscuits have seen the highest increase in growth, as consumers look towards improving their eating habits.

Tapping into Biscuit Consumer’s Minds


Taking into account the needs and lifestyles of biscuit consumers across the globe will allow any seller to cater their procurement and selling strategies to best meet customer demands.

From on the go biscuit snacks to savoury lovers and special occasion biscuit products, each shopper trait comes with their own demands.

If you’re stocking biscuit products in your establishment, take note of the following consumer shopper traits: Striving Shoppers, Busy Impulers, Habitual Browsers, Dynamic Latelifers and Young Tonighters.

Important Biscuit Stats

British biscuits trends are evolving in the industry, showcasing a lucrative way to maximise sales by investing in some of the UK’s most popular biscuit brands.

of Snacking Spend Comes from Just Sweet Biscuits Alone
Source: The Biscuit Brochure
of British Households Buy Biscuits Every Year
Source: The Biscuit Brochure
of Biscuit Sales are on Branded Products
Source: The Biscuit Brochure
Increase sales by up to 28%
Source: The Biscuit Brochure

What are the Most Popular British Biscuits?


In the UK, chocolate digestives are the most popular type of sweet biscuit. Iconic brand McVities, is one of the main producers of this type of biscuit.

However, other sought after British biscuits include Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers, Jammy Dodgers Original, Nairns Oatcakes, Burton’s Wagon Wheels, Maryland Cookies and more!

Check out the Smylies Shop today to explore the wealth of sweet, savoury and healthy biscuits available to export.

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