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Discover a wide range of alternative protein brands available to export from the UK to an international destination near you. With popular alternative protein brands such as Alpro, Quorn, Naturya and more, you’re guaranteed to find brands that match your meat free loving customer’s needs.

Featured Alternative Protein Products

Growing Consumer Awareness


Whilst meat has been one of the main sources of protein for thousands of consumers around the world, particularly in wealthier countries, there is now a growing appetite for alternative protein products across the globe. According to the United Kingdom’s Department for International Trade, by 2024 the UK meat-free foods market alone is projected to be worth £1.1billion. 

The growth of alternative proteins has been propelled by increased environmental and health concerns, as well as heightened animal welfare. Amplified by strong marketing and social media strategies, brands are able to continue the growth of their alternative protein products better than ever before. 

Now that more consumers live vegan and plant-based lifestyles, consumers are seeking tastier protein alternatives and in order to keep up with competitors, buyers must invest in these types of products if they want to boost their sales. 

What is a Protein Alternative?


Alternative protein food products are made from plant-based meat substitutes that don’t require as much natural inputs (e.g water), to be produced, as opposed to common protein sources like meat and fish. 


Growth in Numbers

The numbers certainly do the talking when it comes to explaining the exponential growth of alternative protein products across the global food export market.

billion cubic metres of water could be saved by plant-based substitutes.
Source: www.soocial.com
of alternative protein products contain vitamin B12
Source: www.soocial.com
estimate value for the global alternative protein market as of 2020
Source: https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/
of the global protein market will be dominated by plant-alternatives for meat, dairy and eggs by 2035
Source: www.consultancy.eu

Made Possible by Advanced Tech


Many manufacturers and producers of alternative protein products are creating waves with clever tech solutions to enable them a secure position in the market. Thanks to advances in the food technology industry that are now available, manufacturers can mimic alternative proteins to match and in some cases, surpass the experience of eating a meat product. 

According to research conducted by AT Kearney, it is predicted that alternative protein could take up to 60% of the global meat market by 2040. With this in mind, investment into technology to support this is increasingly likely as food brands and manufacturers move to meet growing consumer demands over the coming years.


Explore popular alternative protein products available from a variety of brands on the Smylies today, for more information call our team on 0333 331 5235.

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