What food does the UK export?

What food does the UK export?

Smylies is one of the UK’s top food and drinks exporters, shipping to countries all over the world. We work with big names such as Cadbury’s, Warburtons and Aunt Bessie’s, as well as independent or artisanal companies like Booja Booja, Little Jude’s and LoveRaw. The Smylies team has helped retailers, wholesalers and supermarkets around the globe import the best grocery, frozen and chilled produce from our warehouse in the North West of England.

UK Exports Statistics

What are the main food items exported by the UK? What do our main importers love above everything else from the British Isles? Well, it seems that alcoholic beverages are the most highly exported products from Britain according to the Food and Drink Federation, an organisation that represents the UK’s food and drink manufacturing sector.

We’d like to say we’re surprised, but who doesn’t like a tipple now and then?

Top 10 Food & Drink Exports

Here are the top food and drink products exported by the UK in 2019, as reported by the fdf.

  • Whisky – £5.0 billion
  • Salmon – £832.6 million
  • Chocolate – £775.7 million
  • Cheese – £707.7 million
  • Gin – £674.9 million
  • Wine – £661 million
  • Beef – £584.7 million
  • Pork – £583.1 million
  • Beer – £500.1 million
  • Breakfast Cereals – £483.5 million

(2019 data)

Top 10 Non Food Exports

  • Machinery and Transport Equipment- £142 billion
  • Chemicals – £57 billion
  • Miscellaneous Manufactures – £55 billion
  • Fuels – £36 billion
  • Material Manufactures – £32 billion
  • Food and Live Animals – £16 billion
  • Unspecified goods- £15 billion
  • Beverages and Tobacco – £8 billion
  • Crude Materials – £7 billion
  • Animal, Vegetable Oils and Fats – £520 million

(2019 data)

Whiskey Leads The Pack as the UK’s Biggest Food and Drink Export

Whisky topped the list as the most imported food and drinks product, with beer, wine and gin also featuring in the top ten. Chocolate products were the second most heavily exported product from the UK, with cheese, meats (beef and pork) and breakfast cereals making up the rest of the top ten. That’s right, the world loves booze and rich comfort foods, who knew? (we did!).

Why Choose Smylies To Export The UK’s Top Food and Drink Products?

So, now you know the top UK food and drink exports, and you may be wondering how you can stock your shelves with the world’s most popular UK food and drink products, and that’s where Smylies can help.

Our experienced team provide worldwide businesses in a variety of different sectors with the UK’s most popular food and drink products. With UK food exports now on the rise, it’s the perfect time to stock your shelves with the best of Britain!

Alcoholic Drinks

Who in the world doesn’t love a good drink? Since history began, every culture in every nation has found ways to produce alcohol in some form, and with the booze industry now being worth £139 million when it comes to exports, there’s never been a better time to export alcohol.

Smylies has teamed up with top alcohol manufacturers such as Magners, Brew Dog and Carlsberg, making it easier than ever for you to export alcoholic drinks. Smylies also offer favourites like brandy, cognac and rum for worldwide export.


In terms of the top food and drink goods for export, Chocolate comes close second to Whiskey. I mean, who in the world doesn’t love this sweet, milky treat? That’s why here at Smylies, we work with some of the most well-known chocolate brands like Thorntons, Mars and Kinder to provide the best chocolate exports from the UK.

Salmon and Fish

With an enormous value of around £307 million, Salmon is the third most exported food from the UK behind Whiskey and Chocolate. Smylies has a wide range of quality fish such as fresh salmon and cod, so take a look at our fish range available to export here.

British Cheese

After salmon, cheese is the next most popular British food export, and with demand for British cheese increasing worldwide, Smylies have kept up with the rise in cheese exportation with brands both big and small, available in our UK Cheese collection here.

Smylies offer swift delivery across our entire range of British food exports.

Export UK Food and Drink from Smylies

If you want to start your first personalised export order, then get in touch with the experts at Smylies. You can find everything you need to stock your shelves with us, all you need to do is get in touch with our dedicated team today by calling us on +44 (0) 151 653 3335, or alternatively contact us online and a member of staff will be in touch with you to help.

Choose Smylies Ltd as your trusted UK export company.

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What food does the UK export?