Smylies Welcomes Haynes Gourmet to the Brand Builder Family

Smylies Welcomes Haynes Gourmet to the Brand Builder Family

Smylies are delighted to announce the latest addition to the Smylies Brand Builder, Haynes Gourmet! With a vision to conquer the world  ‘one Candied Jalapeño at a time’ –  Haynes Gourmet has certainly landed itself at the right place with the Smylies Brand Builder.

Who are Haynes Gourmet?

Haynes Gourmet is a British family run business, manufacturing Candied Jalapeño condiments which were originally developed in CEO Charity Haynes’s country kitchen. In the brands early days, Haynes Gourmet sold their mouth-watering products at farmer’s markets and festivals. Over the years, the popularity of their range has grown exponentially, as it transcends British boarders into the European food market.

When launching their product range, Haynes Gourmet envisioned their condiments as ways to magnify dishes such as pizzas, sandwiches, salads and more. Candied Jalapeño’s are an incredibly popular product in the south of the United States, with products combining a unique flavour of sweet and spicy from relishes to bbq sauce.

High Quality Condiments from Haynes Gourmet 

Haynes Gourmet’s Candied Jalapeño condiments are crafted using the finest natural ingredients to maximise the unique flavours and textures found in their delectable products. Boasting a 100% vegan friendly range – Haynes Gourmet takes the quality and sustainability of their condiments very seriously, along with ensuring that they’re free from GMO’s and other artificial preservatives.

Explore Haynes Gourmet Further with the Smylies Brand Builder

If you’re intrigued by what the award winning condiment producer Haynes Gourmet has to offer, you can find out more on the Haynes Gourmet brand page

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Smylies Welcomes Haynes Gourmet to the Brand Builder Family