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Road Freight

Smylies use modern trucks and lorries that are fitted with temperature-controlled storage facilities to ensure products reach their destination fresh and ready to sell.

Road Freight Services from Smylies

Smylies use an extensive road freight network to provide expert logistics and export services.

Express Deliveries

Smylies is proud to provide UK, Ireland & Europe haulage at highly competitive rates. With economy and express delivery times available for UK and Europe, we can ensure your products reach their destination as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Speak to a Smylies expert today to discuss your road freight needs.

Perfect Condition

State-of-the-art temperature-controlled and ambient vehicles are used by Smylies to ensure that fresh and chilled products reach their destination in perfect condition. Our transport consolidation service allows you to send as many frozen, chilled and grocery items as possible.

Chilled goods the future of growth within export industry

By Road, Air and Sea

The Smylies team has amassed a reputation for an efficient and reliable service. Our road freight network can be used alone or as part of a delivery that uses air and sea networks as well. Whatever your needs, Smylies export items securely to destinations all over the world.

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Speak to a member of the Smylies team today for more information on any of our reliable freight networks. Whether you’re sending items down the road, or to the other side of the world, we can help.

Contact us online for more information or speak to a Smylies expert directly by calling our team on 0151 653 3335.

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