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Over the last 2 years, Smylies have been busy investing in technology to improve our business end-to-end. The challenge was to improve our processes with regards to customers buying through Smylies from across the world and ensure our online presence and buying portal was of the highest possible standard.

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Online Portal

One of the biggest investments regarding technology was around our customer portal. We can now proudly communicate with our buyers more easily and ensure that our customers get the best British food brands. This is done via our revolutionary portal, that allows customers around the world to easily set up an account so that they can purchase food products, and have it shipped to their global destinations.

Our online portal has been the catalyst for improvement in many areas at Smylies. Take a look at just some of the enhancements that the portal has resulted in below:

  • Simple account creation
  • Increased product availability
  • Supplier integrations
  • Invoicing
  • Seamless client communication
  • Extra promotions and discounts for customers
  • A better whole online shopping experience

Why not take a tour of our fantastic new customer portal and see for yourself why more and more British food brands want to work with Smylies and buyers around the world are choosing Smylies as their preferred food export partner?

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Taking food processing to the next level

Chris and Alex – who are the senior directors at Smylies – have always been passionate about improving customer experience and interaction, and set the challenge to both the Smylies team and our tech partner to improve our portal and WMS (Warehouse Management System). Currently we have invested over half a million pounds to achieve this goal, and the results have been, and continue to be, nothing short of amazing.

What areas have Smylies invested in?

Smylies have done everything possible to ensure that our frontend portal fully communicates with our WMS. This has allowed us to improve the processes associated with providing our customers and staff with technology that can support the high standards required, as well as the growing demand for British food export around the globe.

Barcode Scanners
(mobile instructional computers)

This investment in technology was to support the Smylies staff on everything needed to ensure our customers received a first-class export service. By supplying our staff with state-of-the-art scanners – that are essentially mobile computers – we can fully support staff with GR, picking & packing, processing and validating products going through the system. We have already seen vast internal improvements since introducing our barcode scanners, and are confident that our technology can continue to support the growth that we are experiencing as a business.

Warehouse Investment Explained

As the demand for food export grew, we knew we had to improve our overall warehouse operations. Smylies again invested in leading technology, to help improve our staff performance and customer order efficiency. Our team worked hard with Sovex to find a solution for warehouse improvement. During these discussions is when we decided that the best way forward was to install an ultra-modern conveyor system. This has now been working for over 12 months and our capacity to deal with orders has vastly increased. If you would like to see our conveyor system in action, watch our warehouse video and see our team do what they do best.

Other key areas where Tech has improved our business
With any business, it’s crucially important to ensure that we can continue to grow. The money spent is already proving to be a worthwhile investment and Smylies are proud to have taken the leap of faith in technology to assist our end-to-end deliverables in supporting our staff and customers.
Logistic management
Smylies heavily invested in logistic management technology, to ensure all goods that arrive and leave our HQ are managed and validated efficiently. Since launching our new logistic processes, we have seen a dramatic reduction in the number of customer claims raised, meaning our customer satisfaction rate has dramatically increased.
Processing technology
Smylies can now offer a range of pre-shipment processing additions such as multi-lingual product labelling or product date coding (best before date). In addition to this, we can also offer processing for products not purchased directly from the Smylies portal.
API integrations
Smylies can offer a bi-directional integration connector to their client accounts to allow for seamless system to system communication. This decision has already reduced staff workload for Smylies and our partners. Smylies have already successfully integrated with TESCO Labs, Brandbank and several other industry leaders. This allows us to access a wide range of marketing material, and a focal point of sales support for our buyers.

What's next for Smylies


With the success of our investments in technology for the business as a whole, we plan to continue to tackle the ever-growing demands of the food export sector. We continue to monitor all areas of the business and will be sure to continue investing in improving all our processes, an ethos that has made Smylies one of the UK’s leading British food exporters.

If you would like to find out more about how your business could benefit working with Smylies, then why not call our team. If you
are interested in buying from Smylies, then visit our online portal where you can easily sign up. If you are looking for Smylies to sell your brand to its customers around the world, maybe visit our brand builder packages where we have created marketing programs to help your brand meet our buyers

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