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Environmental commitments

We are working on a number of efficient measures in house as well as supporting external emission reduction projects.

Carbon Footprint


Smylies strives to reduce all waste and energy consumption, with 2017 being the year we became one of the first major exporters to be certified as carbon neutral.

Working in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, we carried out an assessment of our usage and identified areas where our business could become more energy efficient.

From this, Smylies officially enrolled on the UN Certified Emission Reduction (CER) Scheme, which results in Government certified carbon neutral status.

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The windmills of your mind

Wind Based Power Generation by Panama Wind Energy

With a total installed capacity of 80MQ and the involvement of 40 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs), this project focuses on the installation and maintenance of wind turbines in the Maharashtra state, India.

  • Type: Wind Power
  • Location: India, Asia
  • Standard:VCS
  • Reference: VCS 1523
  • Est Reductions: 136,936 tCO2e per year
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Solar Panels

India Solar Power by ACME Group

Generating electricity through solar energy, the electricity generated through this project is exported to India’s regional electricity grid system. The key goal of the project is to implement multiple renewable energy projects across the country, as well as sustainable employment that reduces poverty in India.

  • Type: Solar Power
  • Location: India, Asia
  • Standard: VCS
  • Reference: VCS 1580
  • Est. Reductions: 730,457 tCO2e per year
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The windmills of your mind

Uruguay Wind Power by Peralta I

This project will supply clean and renewable energy to the national grid of Uruguay from wind power. The onshore wind farm located 280km north of Montevideo, will have 25 wind turbines with 2MW each, creating an overall installed capacity of 50MW.

Key goals of the project include, significantly reducing air pollutants and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as creating a new source of employment.

  • Type: Wind Power
  • Location: Uruguay
  • Standard: VCS
  • Reference: VCS 1349
  • Est. Reductions: 91,705 tCO2e per year
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What else are Smylies doing?

In addition to this, we are offsetting our omissions by investing in the Americas Project by Carbon Footprint Limited. This scheme means our carbon offsetting will be used to support projects in the Americas region that also deliver additional social and ecological benefits.

The projects we will be supporting are;

  • Portel-Para Reducing Deforestation (REDD)
  • Mariposas Hydroelectric Project, in Chile
  • Peralta I Wind Power Project

New plans for our site

We have embarked on a new project to transform our site in order to make it more green and help with our carbon footprint.

We will be transforming the area by planting trees, flowers as well as electric car charge points and reusing rainwater.

Here is a list of what else we will be doing over the coming months:

  • Planting of 100 trees around our site. It will be a mixture of British trees along with fruit trees
  • We are growing our grasses to have a wild flower meadow affect to encourage wildlife
  • Hundreds of plants and flowers will be planted around the site again encouraging wildlife such as bees, butterflies, birds and other wildlife
  • We will be installing a number of water butts so we can use the rainwater off the building to water the plants and trees around site
  • Within the gardens will be seating areas for all the staff to use and to enjoy the surrounding area
  • We already have 30kw of solar panels on our roof however we plan to install another 50kw in order to help our carbon footprint
  • Electric car charging points have been installed. We realise the importance of changing from petrol/diesel cars to electric and Smylies have installed electric car charging points that the staff can use
  • We introduced a cycle to work scheme a few years ago and we encourage staff where possible to cycle to work.
  • We already have a cycle shed but with the increase in people cycling into work we are going to put another one in
  • We use motion sensor and LED lights throughout the business
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