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Thai Taste

Thai Taste - Bring the exotic aromas and flavours of authentic Thai food to your kitchen.

Since the turn of the millennium, Thai Taste have taken advantage of a boom in Thai restaurants and street food outlets in the UK to create classic recipe kits, pastes and sauces that bring a taste of real Thailand to your home in a matter of minutes. Thai cuisine is known for its diversity of flavours that keep mealtimes exciting. You’ll often enjoy sweet, savoury, sour, spicy and salty bursts of flavour all in one dish! The key to a delicious Thai meal is the balance of these flavours, which provides a huge palette to work from and a whole world of tasty possibilities. Thai Taste make it simple to achieve the perfect harmony of flavours and colours with the minimum of fuss.

Thai Taste Products

The passion of Thai Taste is reflected in the sheer breadth of meal options available in their range. There are recipe kits, cupboard essentials and ready-made pastes that empower customers to easily rustle up classic dishes such as red and green curry, sticky rice and pad thai.

Staples such as rice noodles, vermicelli and the holy trinity of shrimp paste, coconut milk and fish sauce are available for those who want to build an authentic-tasting dish from scratch.

There are also a range of delicious sauces like sriracha and sweet chilli, which can be used for dipping or to bring everyday foods to life.



Since 2000, Thai Taste have worked with real chefs in Thailand to craft meal solutions from fresh ingredients that are a true reflection of the nation’s vibrant culture and cuisine.

Growing on both sides of the pond

The Thai Taste product range continues to evolve in the UK and US markets as people from all walks of life expand their culinary palate and become more discerning in their search for authentic dishes.

Packaging That Promotes Thai Cuisine

Packaging and labels include great recipes and helpful tips as Thai Taste continue to encourage shoppers to experiment with flavour combinations and spread the love for this versatile cuisine.

They are committed to giving something back to the culture that has inspired them; a percentage of every purchase is donated to the Duang Pradeep foundation, a charity that helps vulnerable communities and impoverished families back in Thailand.

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