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Acquired by Britvic in 1987, Tango is one of the UK’s most innovative drink brands and in recent years has branched out with a variety of flavours and an extended range of products. Most notable for its thirst quenching qualities and distinctive real fruit flavour, Tango is in high demand from a wealth of countries across the globe.

Tango Products

Discover how you can purchase wholesale Tango products with Smylies.

Why Export Tango with Smylies


Smylies can offer wholesale export solutions to help you purchase Tango products for international destinations in Europe, Asia, North America and beyond. From label translation to documentation, including certificate of origin, the comprehensive wholesale export service provides seamless end to end logistical solutions.  

Tango is an incredibly popular product in public houses, retail establishments and restaurants. You can view the full range of Britvic’s popular sodas via our state of the art wholesale shop. 

Tantalising Tango Flavours

From apple to blackberry or strawberry and watermelon, the innovative flavours of Tango have been tantalising consumers’ taste buds for decades. 

The staple Tango flavour orange, has been around since the emergence of the brand, with new flavours materialising over the years, as well as sugar free options. Tango Lemon was founded in the 1950’s, with popular flavours such as cherry Tango launching in the 1990’s. 

Tango prides itself on it’s sugar free options not compromising on taste, as they still have the great iconic flavour that is found throughout their product range. Providing a sugar free option allows Tango to access the more calorie conscious market and in turn, demand is continuing to soar around the world, for both the sugar and sugar free soda options from Tango.

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