Introducing Robinsons

Since Mr Matthias Robinson first patented his Barley Groats recipe almost 200 years ago, Robinsons has grown to establish itself as the standard-bearer in creating fruit squash and cordials for all the family.

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Robinsons - Family Favourites Since 1823.

Robinsons continues to create fresh and exciting ways to keep the world refreshed while tasting real fruit in every drop.  From family favourites to ready-made drinks on the go, the whole range has the silky-smooth taste that only Robinsons’ special recipe can provide.
In 1935, the Robinsons brand burst onto the worldwide stage when it became official drinks supplier Wimbledon Tennis Championships, with Lemon Barley Water appearing beneath the steps of the umpire’s chair. That legacy continues to this day.

Robinsons Products

Robinsons’ traditional Barley Water, available in orange and lemon flavour, holds a unique position in the hearts of the nation. A naturally refreshing ‘comfort drink’, Robinsons Barley Water is free from artificial colours and flavourings.

With a choice of mouth-watering fruit flavours, the ‘family favourite’ Fruit and Fruit & Barley squashes are always in demand. And the only trace of sugar you’ll find is from the real fruit that’s squeezed into every bottle.

Fruit Shoot

Robinsons Fruit Shoot has become a staple in lunchboxes, with flavours that kids love and no added sugar, artificial colours or flavourings. According to Netmums, 94% of surveyed users would recommend Fruit Shoot.

For Robinsons quality on-the-go, Squash’d is a highly concentrated, zero sugar cordial in a small portable dispenser that provides up to 20 servings. Refresh’d is a ready-made drink that brings exciting fruit blends like Apple & Kiwi to your chiller section, with 100% naturally-sourced ingredients.

Robinsons Drinks we Ship from the UK



As we strive to supply our customers with brands that have a global reputation for quality and value, Smylies are proud to export drinks that span the entire Robinsons range.

Making Drinks Healthier Without Sacrificing Taste

In 2015, Robinsons set off on a journey to drastically reduce calories in their product range without compromising the taste or quality on which the brand was built. They continue to squeeze, crush and press real fruit into every drop of every drink they make.

Now 98% of the range contains no added sugar; only the traditional Barley Water recipe contains sugar that doesn’t originate from the fruit juices within the drink. That’s great news for people who find drinking water boring, as the British Dental Association recommend squash as the next best alternative after water and milk for tooth care.



Robinsons Fruit Creations and Fruit Cordial offer grown-up flavours and a constantly-evolving product range. Robinsons have tested hundreds of combinations to put together their Fruit Creations range for maximum natural flavour.

Fruit Cordial Range Aimed at Adults

The Fruit Cordial range has been specially-crafted with real fruit and botanicals for the more sophisticated palate. The delicate complexities of Robinsons Pressed Pear and Elderflower can bring a touch of summer to any occasion, while the Winter Edition Crushed Apple and Cinnamon cordial is full of festive warmth.

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