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The only mint with an O, Polo mints are a great way to freshen up your product offering. People love the minty freshness, the convenience and the crunch. In classic peppermint, spearmint or fruity flavours, Smylies supplies Polo mints to companies across the world. We take care of all the exports, logistics and stress.

Polo Products

Creating mints since 1984, Polo, part of the Nestle brand, has long been a favourite of the UK and beyond. Products like their original spearmint and extra strong mints can be found at supermarkets and corner shops all around the country. Not to mention their flavourful favourite, Polo Fruits, adding a little sweetness and tang to the breath-freshening gang.

Why is there a hole in Polo mints?


Fun fact, there is another mint with a hole in it called the “Life Saver”, named so because of its resemblance to a life preserver found at sea. It’s believed that Polo ran with the design themselves after creating their mints. It’s also said that Polo’s manufacturer discovered that the pressing process worked much better when the mints had a hole. So, contrary to popular belief, the hole is already there!

Why is a Polo mint called a polo?


Polos are named referencing the word “Polar”. This reference is to the cool, refreshing taste of Polos being “Polar”, concerning the North and South Pole, especially cold and icy places.

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