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Pedigree is a longstanding UK pet food brand, with over 60 years at the forefront of producing nourishing pet food products. The staple pet food brand offers a range of high quality products for canine friends across the globe, putting only the best ingredients into their diverse range of dry and wet dog food products. Pedigree varies their product offerings to suit a range of dietary needs. Working in conjunction with Waltham Petcare Science Institute, Pedigree has identified the four core needs of dogs: Digestion, Skin & Coat, Oral Care and Immunity. Browse the Pedigree range on the Smylies Shop today and start stocking one of Britain’s leading pet food brands.

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The History of Pedigree


Pedigree was founded in 1957, with its origins rooted in the city of Manchester, United Kingdom.
The brand has evolved significantly over the past 65 years, with a consistent goal at the heart of Pedigree to produce nutritional food for beloved four legged friends.

Throughout the years, Pedigree has adapted its product line to suit the growing needs of dogs. All of their recipes have been developed with expert advice from leading vets and animal nutritionists.

Customer Reviews on Pedigree range

“Our dog adopted our family. We have fed her the Pedigree brand since we have had her. She is healthy and doesn't turn up her nose at her food and always finishes it. As soon as she hears one of us getting her food, she comes running. Pedigree is good for her and she is always satisfied and is not overweight so we will keep her on Pedigree. ”


“My dogs love the different flavors of Pedigree available, as I switch them every other day. They especially like the beef stew with vegetables. Another favorite is the lamb stew. Chicken with rice is another they happily lap up. Sometimes catch them going to the other dog's dishes for the crumbs. Fortunately not too many crumbs left.”


Pedigree’s Promises


Pedigree believes all dogs should be fed great quality, nutritious food they love. As a result, they are committed to 5 key promises: 

  • Science
  • Nutrition
  • Approved Suppliers
  • Highest Factory Standards
  • Made Only by Pedigree

Pedigree brand owner Mars, is taking steps across all of its petcare brands to make a positive environmental impact around the globe, through sourcing responsible and sustainable ingredients, reducing impact across production sites, as well as using more sustainable packaging. 


Smylies currently export Pedigree products all over the world.

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