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Mrs Elswood

Mrs Elswood - The UK's No.1 pickled cucumber brand.

Gherkins? Pickles? Whatever you call them, few snacks or condiments can match the sheer devotion that pickled cucumbers attract from believers all over the world! Mrs Elswood, the UK’s Number One pickled cucumber brand, have produced premium quality cucumbers for more than 70 years to become a store cupboard essential that transcends nationality and culture. The cucumbers are harvested annually for optimum freshness and flavour. In June and July every year, established growers hand-select the best of their crop to be pickled, packed and delivered to lock in that crisp texture and piquant flavour.

Mrs Elswood Products

From the moment they are plucked from fertile European soils, Mrs Elswood Cucumbers are subject to strict quality control. Years of work have gone into perfecting combinations of pickling spices that make for a market-leading pickle.

Whether you’re a pickle fanatic who is happy to munch gherkins straight from the jar, or you use them to liven up your cooking, this product range has something for you.

Smylies stock the full range of classic Mrs Elswood products; there is a choice of enticing flavours including dill, hot and spicy dill, haimisha and sweet & sour cucumbers.



Building your own burgers has never been more popular. The ready-sliced burger gherkins and spears are the perfect flavour contrast to meaty and salty foods, with the same zing and crunch as the rest of the Mrs Elswood range.

You can also elevate wraps, hot dogs, sandwiches, coleslaw, pies and scotch eggs with any of these versatile pickles.

World Famous Pickled Cucumbers – Kosher & Healthy!

What’s more, Mrs Elswood pickled cucumbers are 100% kosher, with 0% fat content. And if you’re so inclined, the reputation of pickle juice as both a health food and hangover cure is growing!

When it comes to the crunch, it’s clear why Mrs Elswood cucumbers are number one!

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