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Kiss the Hippo
Carbon negative coffee brand, Kiss the Hippo, is devoted to creating the ultimate coffee experience for its consumers. Established in 2018, Kiss the Hippo is taking the world by storm, with it’s innovative blends and silky textures. Dedicated to producing products that are as ethical and sustainable as possible, Kiss the Hippo’s coffee is becoming increasingly sought after across the globe, making it a perfect addition to the Smylies Shop.

Kiss the Hippo Products

Kiss the Hippo’s organic coffee products are now available worldwide for international wholesalers and retailers, courtesy of the Smylies Shop international reach to buyers around the world. 

Both organic certified and carbon neutral roasted, Kiss the Hippo’s coffee pods can be found in flavours such as dark chocolate, caramel, red berries, almond and more! Kiss the Hippos signature house blend offers notes of butterscotch, berries and chocolate. Due to the brand’s dedication when it comes to providing the freshest possible coffee, their roasted coffee blends are bagged in nitrogen-gas flushed bags, which prolong the coffee’s peak quality for over a month. 

Browse the Kiss the Hippo range and discover their unique coffee blends and pods, ready for export to your location. 

Sign up to Smylies wholesale Shop and start buying Kiss the Hippo coffee direct from us.  

Shaking up the Coffee World


Kiss the Hippo has successfully cultivated a strong relationship with the farms producing their coffee, alongside recently ensuring their coffee products are carbon negative! As a brand, they’re extraordinarily passionate about high quality and sustainable coffee, which is why they work closely with coffee farms across the globe to ensure Kiss the Hippo coffee is the best of the best. 

What Does Carbon Negative Coffee Mean?

Carbon neutral coffee means that it has a net effect on the environment. Instead of the product adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere during production, it removes it instead. 

What is Carbon Neutral Coffee?

Carbon neutral coffee means that the production process of coffee doesn’t add to greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, nor does it reduce them.

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