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The unique taste of Kinder Chocolate, a creamy hazelnut texture with smooth chocolate coating, much-loved by children and adults across the globe! At Smylies we stock a range of Kinder products for you to fill your business with. Whether you’re a supermarket, retail group, or have your own independent business, we can export Kinder products to you worldwide. There’s something for everyone with the Kinder Chocolate range available on the Smylies shop.

Kinder products

The little treats that give a lot of joy, Kinder Chocolate contains a milky filling that has been shadowed throughout their product range since 1968. Discover the irresistible flavour that fills the nations heart, with Smylies leading exporting service.

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Promoting global growth through our vast network of supply chains. Smylies has a strong influence on which products enter the global market. Retailers, importers and distributors often turn to our dedicated sales team for guidance when choosing products as we are always up to date with the bestselling products and export market trends. Enquire about the range of popular food and household brands shipped globally by Smylies as well as own brand specialities. Arrange a callback at your convenience by contacting us online.

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