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Grab life by the passion fruits with the joyfully juicy range of drinks from J20. Soft drinks made for adults, J2O drinks pack a mighty fruit punch, now with less sugar and only 63 calories per bottle!

J2O Products

J2O drinks come in two different types. There are the classic fruit blends with fan favourites like Apple & Mango, Orange & Passion Fruit and Apple and Raspberry as well as the newer J2O Spritz range in fanciful flavours like Apple & Watermelon, Pear & Raspberry and Peach & Apricot, all of which are available for national and global export at the Smylies Shop.

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Is J20 high in sugar?


No. J2O used to be quite high in sugar but they have reformulated their recipe over the past couple of years to reduce the amount of sugar in their drinks without compromising on taste. J2Os contain only 4.7g of sugar per 100ml, making them a great low-sugar soft drink for adults.

Is J2O alcoholic?

No. J2O is a non-alcoholic alternative to alcoholic drinks for adult socialising. 

What does J2O stand for?

J2O is a pun based on the chemical formula for water, H2O. The J represents the juice content of J2O.

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