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Staple food brand Heinz, is behind a world-class portfolio of products, including their selection of sauces, dressings, soups and more. A defining product in the Heinz family includes their popular Tomato Ketchup, originally known as Catsup back in the 1870’s, the much loved Heinz product is still going strong today. Other popular Heinz products include Heinz Salad Cream, Cream of Mushroom Soup and Heinz Baked Beanz with Pork Sausages. The classic and beloved brand is popular in homes, hotels and restaurants across the globe. Over the past 150 years, Heinz has expanded its product line, fine tuning their recipes to produce the best of the best and in turn, capturing the taste buds of food lovers everywhere. Heinz boasts a wide range of deliciously tasty foods for babies, offering a blend of fruits and vegetables, as well as treats to grow children’s eating palettes and textures, such as biscotti style treats. With Smylies, you can select the wholesale Heinz products you want by browsing our online shop, and we will deliver your order straight to your door. No matter which country you live in, Smylies exports Heinz to an abundance of worldwide locations.

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The Tale of Heinz


A story that stretches back to over 150 years ago, the inception of well known food brand Heinz began with one man, Henry J. Heinz who developed the classic taste found in Heinz products around the globe. As the brand expanded, Heinz grew in popularity internationally, with the ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ being coined in London by Maurice Drake in the 1960’s. The catchy phrase is still used to this day, as a key marketing slogan throughout Heinz’s campaigns.

By the year of 2010, Heinz had marked a ‘decade of innovation’ as the brand continuously worked to explore new product lines and enhance their product offerings such as Heinz Tomato Soup and Heinz Baked Beans.

The Heinz brand has achieved a multitude of significant milestones including The Royal Warrant and an endorsement from NASA.

Heinz Sustainable Packaging


In an ever more sustainably minded world, Heinz continues to play a pivotal role in reducing the amount of plastic going on to our shelves and into our store rooms. In 2021, the brand committed to this in real terms, and launched their brand new Eco-friendly Paperboard Sleeves for multipacks of canned goods such as Heinz Spaghetti Hoops and Heinz Ravioli.

PEFC certified, the new cardboard packaging is made from fully recyclable and is manufactured from renewable and sustainably managed materials.

Customer Reviews on Heinz range

“Ketchup, mayonnaise, beans, mustard - all those delicious products from Heinz are always my first choice. Top quality and very delicious in all aspects. Recommended to everyone.”

Elisabeth Matthews

“Good accompaniment or main ingredient to many meals. They taste great on a jacket potato with or without cheese. I sometimes add a little chili powder or bbq seasoning to add a little kick, but taste great without. Whole family love, so added bonus of buying in 4 pack.”


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Making its mark on the global stage many moons ago, the Heinz brand is only continuing to grow further and further as it continues to be sought after in numerous countries around the world.

Export Heinz Wholesale Products with Smylies

From the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, to Malaysia, Nigeria and beyond – international buyers are showing a special interest in the brand as they pile their stock levels high, with the household brand Heinz.

Thanks to the Smylies Shop, exporting Heinz wholesale goods has never been easier.

Smylies currently export Heinz products all over the world.

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