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Coyo - Dairy-free coconut yoghurts and ice creams to make your heart sing.


Handcrafted from the succulent flesh of organically-grown coconuts, Coyo’s produce is developed using plant-fed vegan cultures to produce luscious, creamy yoghurts, ices and drinks. All Coyo products are sustainably developed to the highest ethical standards in partnership with farmers and producers.

With a luxurious taste that only comes by using the COYO Slow™ technique inspired by the brand’s origins in Fiji, the Coyo range is 100% organic, vegan, keto and paleo-friendly.

Dairy-free and guilt free, Coyo treats satisfy both the Saint and the sinner in us all!

Coyo products

Free from refined sugars, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, Cayo yoghurts are available in five enticing flavours that harness the inherent simple qualities of the natural ingredients. They’re also a great way to add silky, smooth textures and heavenly flavours to your cooking.

The natural and strawberry-flavoured kefir drinks owe their creamy texture to an-age old method using fermented coconut and live vegan cultures.

Rich, creamy and full-bodied, Coyo ice creams are available in natural, raw and delicious vanilla and nutmeg flavours.



Henry Gosling, the founder of Coyo, was born and raised in Pacific archipelago of Fiji. Coconut milk was a regular ingredient in family meals growing up. While living in semi-retirement with his wife Sandra and family in Australia, Henry was searching for ways to take the natural benefits of coconut to the world market. Inspiration struck when he discovered that no-one else was making real, dairy-free probiotic coconut yoghurt on a commercial scale; Coyo was born.

Henry and Sandra began to hand-craft, test and perfect their coconut yoghurt recipe. When friends, family and local health food retailers said it was good enough to sell commercially, the couple put every penny they had into dedicating themselves to the Coyo mission. Since 2010, the brand has expanded to work its seductive charms on kitchens all over the world.

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