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With nearly 100 years of expertise in the industry, Great Britain’s favourite soft drinks provider, Britvic, have products in countries all over the world including America, Australia, India and many others.

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From family favourites like Robinsons, holiday hot-picks like Lipton Ice Tea and many more, there’s sure to be a perfect Britvic soft drink to quench your thirst.

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The History of Britvic


Britvic was originally named ‘The British Vitamin Company’ back in the late 1940s, first developed in the mid-19th century by a chemist in Chelmsford who sought to provide his wider community with flavourful soft drinks that could be enjoyed on any occasion.

After it was acquired by James MacPherson & Co Ltd in 1938, Britvic was focused on providing simple and affordable soft drinks as a way of increasing the vitamin intake of the people during the Great Depression. It wasn’t until 1971 when the British Vitamin Company officially changed its name to Britvic.

Joining The PepsiCo Family

In 1987, Britvic partnered with soft drink giant PepsiCo, giving Britvic the rights to the bottling of many other loved soft drinks from across the pond including Mountain Dew, Pepsi and 7UP, to name a few. This agreement has recently been renewed in 2020, taking the partnership up until 2040 and keeping the UK supplied with the widest selection of soft drinks from around the world.

Britvic took on reputable British brand Robinsons in 1995 and turned them into the soft drinks specialists we know them as today. Robinsons produce different kinds of juice and squash like Robinsons Barley Water and the drink of choice for kids; Fruit Shoot – both of which are loved the world over by adults and kids alike.

The Brands of Britvic


With a portfolio of over 30 much-loved brands, Britvic encompasses so many of our favourite drinks brands, including crowd favourite J2O, family favourite Robinsons squash, and popular wellness drink Purdey’s. They also have brands around Europe such as French brand Teisseire that produces flavoured syrup for a whole host of beverages including coffee, cocktails and water.

The Future of Britvic

With several partner brands under their umbrella such as Teisseire in France, Bela Ischia and Dafruta in Brazil, and the new extension of their 20-year partnership with PepsiCo, it’s sure to say that we will continue to enjoy the best soft drinks available from both the UK and beyond for some time to come.

Looking to stock up on some of the best British soft drinks?

Here at Smylies, we stock up on a wide variety of soft drinks from Britvic including Robinsons, J2O, Tango, Purdey’s and many more. We even stock some of the favourites from across the pond such as Lipton Ice Tea, Pepsi, 7UP and others.

Visit our online store today and stock up on the huge range of sweet soft drinks available from Britvic!

Smylies currently export Britvic products all over the world.

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