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Leading food marketing sales

Smylies brand builder packages allow brands to benefit from our network of wholesalers from across the world. Working alongside digital marketing agency, MonkeyFish, we can help our clients’ brands receive worldwide exposure, delivering targeted campaigns direct to our international food buyers who are keen to receive the latest deals on the world’s top food and drinks brands. With the multiple platforms Smylies has to offer, the brand builder packages are designed to get your brand noticed and drive sales of your products.

How we do it

Building on our already successful food and drink marketing campaigns to buyers, Smylies can now offer both existing clients and food & drinks brands new to the market, the opportunity to advertise in our direct marketing campaigns, as well as featuring in premium areas of our website and buying portal. Working alongside our digital marketing partners Monkeyfish Marketing, our  proven campaigns have already seen significant buying increases in products we are sending to active buyers worldwide.

Grow your brand & sales worldwide

Smylies commitment to working closely with manufacturers, has enabled us to work with massive suppliers and brands. This includes the biscuit company, Burton’s Biscuits! Smylies reach your target market and with our aggressive digital marketing strategies, we continue to drive even more relevant traffic to your products. The huge success in exporting Burton’s Biscuits has come from our extensive knowledge and providing complete transparency throughout the process. Join Smylies brand builder and be just like Burton’s Biscuits!

Data driven campaigns

Thousands of new visitors reach our website each month thanks to our fantastic search engine rankings. With our continuous drive to target buyers, we are confident our campaigns will get your fantastic products noticed around the world.

Buyer activity insights

Smylies can increase the sales of your brand

  • Latest trends and insights into the biggest and newest products in the UK supermarkets
  • Feature in our monthly campaigns to all of our customers every month (over 42 countries and 150 customers)
  • Be part of Smylies biggest monthly campaigns
  • Be included in our proven deals of the month
  • Smylies will monitor the activity from each email and track the performance of the campaign engagements of your brand, including clicks, leads and enquiries

Targeted exposure

  • Be one of the first brands our clients see when shopping for their products on the Smylies shop
  • A bespoke banner designed by our graphics team, which will sit on the homepage and category pages of the Smylies Shop
  • Over 5,000 visitors reach Smylies sites every month
  • Receive recorded actions of the adverts, including data from the clicks, views and impressions

Packages Build your Brand

Choose from our range of brand builder packages designed to get your deals noticed. Buyers are regularly subscribing to deal offers that will drive sales of your products.
Basic Bronze Package
  • 1 x Targeted Sidebar or Central banner within our online product portal
  • 2 x SKUs Featured In our Products Of The Month Brochure
  • Monthly analytical data PDF report
Enhanced Silver Package
  • Includes all of the features within the Bronze Package
  • 1 x Top Banner Position On 2nd tier category page within our online product portal
  • 4 x extra SKU's (6 in total) Featured in our Products Of The Month Brochure
  • Exclusive Weekly Brand Booster Email
Premium Gold Package
  • Includes all of the features within the Bronze & Silver Packages
  • 1 x Top Banner Position On tier 1 category page within our online product portal
  • 4 x extra SKU's (10 in total) Featured in our Products Of The Month Brochure
  • Featured within our monthly email marketing campaign
Ultimate Platinum Package
  • Includes all of the features within the Bronze, Silver & Gold Packages
  • Featured within our online Product Portal homepage
  • Premium positioning in our Products of the Month Brochure
  • Premium position within our monthly email marketing campaign
  • 1 x Dedicated brand page on our website

We can supply and export your goods


Smylies extensive network allows us to export goods from leading brands across the world, including destinations such as Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North America. We will handle the entire export process, from temperature-controlled storage to export documentation, with your products reaching international customers in perfect condition.

Become part of the Smylies family and apply for an account on our online shop.

Join a network of leading brands and have your goods sold in overseas markets.

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