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Alpro is one of the best brands for plant-based food and drink products, helping people worldwide make the switch to a more healthy and sustainable diet. Not only are plant-based foods good for your health, but they’re also good for the environment, too! Alpro’s luscious range of milk, yoghurts and other tasty goods are packed with plant-based nutrition, perfect for those trying to make the switch to a more healthy and environmentally responsible diet.

Alpro Products

Smylies are delighted to offer Alpro products to millions worldwide, so take a look at the Alpro products we provide on our customer portal to see what plant-based goodies we have to stock your shelves.

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Are Alpro products good for you?


Yes. Alpro products are low in saturated fats (the bad ones) and packed with healthy unsaturated fats (the good ones). They’re also loaded with beneficial proteins and calcium and vitamins B2, B12, and D, providing both the mind and body with clean, plant-based fuel for the day.

Are all Alpro products dairy-free?

Yes. Alpro uses various dairy alternatives in their products such as almond milk, soya milk and coconut milk. This is perfect for those who suffer from dairy-related problems such as lactose intolerance. The use of these plant-based alternatives also means that all Alpros products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

It’s also a well-known fact that the body does not as efficiently process dairy as it does plant-based alternatives like the ones that Alpro products contain, sometimes leading to bloating and sluggishness, especially for those who are lactose sensitive and intolerant.

Does Danone own Alpro?


Yes. Alpro is owned by the Danone Group, along with Soya Soleil and Provamel.

Is Alpro vegan?

One hundred per cent! All Alpro products are vegetarian and vegan friendly. It’s their whole ethos. On top of this, Alpro is officially recognised by the Vegan Society for producing items that are completely free from animal-based ingredients.

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