Two-year test for country-of-origin labelling begins in France

Two-year test for country-of-origin labelling begins in France

A trial period for mandatory country-of-origin labelling is underway in France. Meat and milk products must enclose the origins of their ingredients on their labels. The trial aims to give consumers a clearer sense of where the food they eat has come from.

The impact of the trial will be found when the EU submits a report, although it has not yet decided on the legality of the system.

Dating and Labelling Services from Smylies

Labelling is becoming increasingly important with consumers wanting to know exactly what they are eating, and where in the world it has come from.

Smylies provide a dating and labelling service that includes dating and labelling of food products to meet the requirements and regulations of each country’s requirements. All of the goods we ship are processed in regulation for each market.

We offer temperature controlled distribution services and export British food and drink to destinations all over the world. Our experts understand the logistics of exporting to different countries and ensure shipments are completed efficiently and easily.

Our dedicated team provide a professional and comprehensive service when it comes to exporting, dating and labelling British products. We deliver outstanding results and high levels of customer service to ensure our clients are happy. Smylie provide an extensive product range, complete freight management services and hugely competitive pricing options.

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Two-year test for country-of-origin labelling begins in France