Tackling Food Waste Across the Globe

Tackling Food Waste Across the Globe

Unnecessary food waste and plastic packaging polluting the world’s oceans has become somewhat of a talking point in 2018. Here at Smylies we concern ourselves with making improvements and offering services that are environmentally friendly, which is why we are proud to say we are certified carbon neutral.

Temperature Controlled Food Storage

Temperature controlled storage is said to have had a great impact on reducing waste according to British food magazine, The Grocer. Any orders that are placed through Smylies are always delivered in temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure that your products, from frozen pizza to dairy-free yoghurt, arrive in the best possible condition. Keeping produce in a controlled environment also optimises shelf life, meaning that your customers can enjoy a product well before its ‘best before’ date.

Cravendale Milk

New Technology for Expiry Labels

One of the top brands that Smylies works with, Arla, is at the forefront of innovative packaging whereby food containers deteriorate at the same rate as the food. This technology is run by Mimica, who have created a product that forms bumps that indicate a product is no longer safe to eat.

Whilst ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ dates are still enforced, sometimes there can be a buffer period where produce is still safe to eat after packaging labels say it has expired. Arla are trialling the new packaging which offers a more accurate indication as to when food has gone off and thereby reducing waste.

Labelling Services with Smylies

No matter what the current law in your country is surrounding packaging and labelling, Smylies offer a bespoke labelling service that ensures the products you are importing through us are compliant with your country’s legislation. See how Smylies can help you with translation, best before dates and product labelling.

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Tackling Food Waste Across the Globe